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Sites About: Birds
  Avian Health - Email list group which is focused on general care, disease prevention, and nutrition.
  Avian Nutrition - Provides the basic guidelines of a birds nutritional needs.
  Avian Vets & Veterinarian Services - Find veterinarians, pet hospitals, tips, and advice. From Birds n Ways.
  Baby Bird Science and Medicine - Veterinarian discusses in detail the female reproductive anatomy, the formation of eggs, incubation, hatching, and newborns.
  Bathing the Psittacine - Presents the how and why of bathing, proper approach, methods, species specific showering behaviors, water temperature, and winter care.
  Bird Health - An Australian veterinarian provides detail on emergency care, signs of illness, feeding, breeding, and hand rearing in the more popular species of pet birds.
  Bird Health Examination - Discusses the importance of taking your bird to an avian veterinarian, quarantining, components of the healthy examination, and specific testing procedures.
  Color Vision of Birds - Presents a scientific monograph on the role of color vision in birds.
  EPAH : Avian Nutrition - Presents dietary requirements of birds including hand feeding diets.
  Feeding Finicky Birds - Article discusses methods of breaking seed addictions in birds and converting them to balanced pelleted diets.
  Foods Which are Dangerous to Your Birds - Find a list of foods that can harm your avian psittacine.
  Glossary of Avian External Anatomy - Provides an alphabetical list of technical terms used to describe the structure of the body.
  HotSpot For Birds - Reference section has many informative articles on the health and safety of birds.
  How to Live With, Feed and Handle Your Pet Bird - Veterinarian workshop that offers one free course covering behavior awareness and other sessions on bird handling for a fee. Also provides training tips. Located in Gainesville, Florida.
  Lighting and Your Bird - Describes how changes in the quality of light and length of the day set the stage for breeding, migration, molting, and daily behavior patterns.
  Little Feathered Buddies - Forum to discuss the care and maintenance of small birds such as budgies, cockatiels, canaries, and lovebirds.
  Molt In Birds - Discusses the frequency, what to expect, and nutritional guidelines during this period of feather loss and regrowth.
  Parrot Articles - Provides links that cover a broad range of health topics.
  Parrot-Parrot - Geared toward smaller birds. Includes articles on avian health, nutrition, toxins, and dangerous toy alerts.
  The Function Of Vitamin D In Birds - Article discusses the role of this nutrient in bird health.
  Understanding Your Bird - Describes the various behaviors, what they mean, and their importance. From Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue.
  Wingwise - Information on health, care, illness, injury, well bird exams, diagnostics, systems, the feather donation project, handicapped birds, and a visit to the wild parrots of Tambopata, Peru.

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