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Sites About: Dogs
  100 Percent Angel - Offering clothes, beds, collars and leads, treats, toys and accessories. Also accessories for owners.
  26 Bark Avenue - Selling clothing and accessories, beds, toys, and gift items.
  A 1 Dogs - Offers medications, grooming aids, leashes, toys and food.
  ABC Dog Supplies - Offerings include treats, toys, bowls, and hygiene products.
  Absolutely Golden - Retailing toys, treats, grooming aids, and collars. Also offers Golden Retriever gift merchandise for people.
  AK Petcare - Selling bath products, booster tubs and ramp, and carriers.
  AOA Grooming and Kennel Supplies - Offerings include clippers, blades, coat dressing, enclosures, and health products.
  Bark Avenue Bakery - Offering treats, gift baskets and items for owners.
  Barken InStyle - Features upscale canine couture, travel needs, toys, treats and books. Also gift items for owners.
  Barking Bakery - Offering treats, gift baskets, dog clothing and raised feeders.
  Blue Dog - Featuring grooming products and treats, with diet and health tips and general training advice.
  Bowsa Wowsa - Supplying toys, bowls, clothing and grooming products.
  Bow-wow Land - Featuring toys, handmade treats, collars, leads, and accessories. Has a fun page with canine news, trivia, horoscopes, and problem solvers.
  Breeding Better Dogs - Offering a book and a video about using genetics to improve breeding success.
  Brosia One - Baked homemade biscuits and hand-crocheted blankets. Includes photograph gallery.
  Bunker's Backyard - Features beds, coats, bowls, collars, and toys. Also, treats for help with hip pain, arthritis, and diabetes.
  Buster Duds - Offers protective eyewear and cooling products.
  Calling All Dogs - Provides collars, bedding, aromatherapy grooming aids, toys and travel accessories.
  Campbell's Pet Bed Shop - Selling a variety of bedding, steps, and ramps as well as food bowls and toys.
  Canine Cliques - Selling beds, toys, clothes, carriers, and pet portraits.
  Canine Collars - Offers collars, leashes, clothing, boots, colognes, carriers, blinkers, and charms.
  Canine Concepts - UK specialists offer training products and solutions for problem behaviors. Also sells supplies and indulgence items.
  Canine Store - Supplying dry food, treats, skin care products and leather articles such as harnesses. Includes description of ingredients.
  Champion Pet Supplies - Supplier of products from toys, treats and bedding to grooming, training and healthcare.
  Chez Puppy - Providing natural gourmet snacks, toys and carriers.
  Color Pet Products - Offers safety collars and leashes, beds, travel equipment, and chew toys in the likeness of political and world figures. Also has gift items for people.
  Cool Paws - Offering collar covers, jerky treats, cookies and bandanas.
  Cottage Industry Sales - Retailing accessories, bowls, health products and themed merchandise.
  Country Day Prep - Features designer apparel, bedding and accessories. Styles range from casual to most extravagant. ┬á
  Crafty Canine Collars - Supplying braided collars, tags, bandanas and themed items.
  CyberCanine.Com - All natural gourmet dog biscuits, and aromatherapy shampoos and other products are handmade using therapeutic essential oils, organic herbs and infused oils.
  Decadent Dogs - Offerings include designer collars and faux fur outerwear, interesting toys and gourmet treats, hats and boots.
  DeJa'Vue Canine Enterprises - Features pet products such as homemade treats, apparel, puppy starter kits, gift baskets, photograph buttons, toys, bowls, and grooming aids.
  Denbar UK - Supplying professional grooming supplies as well as dishes, beds, pens, cages and trolleys. Contains a searchable, illustrated catalogue.
  Design Leads and Collars - Offering a range of nylon rope leads, collars and toys, with illustrated descriptions.
  D'Natural Dog and Barkery - Specializing in natural and handcrafted products including treats, shampoos, towels, collars, bedding, and toys.
  Dog Day Cafe - Dog collars and leashes, unique toys, shampoos, seat belts, gentle leader headcollars and outdoor gear.
  Dog-E-Designs - Supplying coats, hats, rainwear and sweaters for all sizes, as well as carriers, beds, collars and accessories. Includes photographs of products in use.
  Dog Folk Enterprises - Promoting a video about animal evaluation, and a book concerning structure and terminology.
  Doggiebags - Offers a canvas carrier in the shape of a bone.
  Doggie Designer - Specializing in clothing, carriers, beds, and accessories for small breeds.
  Doggie Solutions - Providing anti-bark and remote spray collars, leads, kennels, toys and harnesses.
  Doggie's Paradise - Offering dry food and chews, vitamin supplements, jewelry, collars, sweaters and coats, toys, and training aids. Also helpful information on breeds, names, and pet selection.
  Dog Gift Spot - Offering gifts, beds, natural treats, and stuffed toys.
  Doggles - Offers UV protection for dogs which is helpful and useful for pannus and other eye diseases that need UV protection.
  Doggone Good - Offering a range of items including crates, dog toys, bait and equipment bags, dog beds, treats and gifts.
  Dog Gone Good Stuff - Offerings wide range of products to include beds, clothes, toys, houses, bowls, leashes and grooming products.
  Doggone Natural Foods - Offers a line of premium dog foods, dietary supplements and coat care products for dogs.
  Doggy-Demands - Offerings include fabric bedding and cushions, steel carriers, collars, and heat pads. Located in UK.
  Doggy Gifts Inc - Retailer of brand name toys, treats, supplements, outdoor gear, and carriers.
  Doggy Jazz and Jewels - Providing crystal identity tags, leather collars, leads and toys, with illustrated product details.
  Doggy Toyland - Supplying a range of toys as well as treats, gifts, training equipment, reflective wear and supplies for k-9 services.
  Dog Like Nature - Selection includes enclosures, car harnesses, health and grooming products, and training aids. Also has theme gift merchandise.
  DogMetro - Sells collars, beds, coats, clothing, bowls, and toys. Also winter coats for dogs who face the harsh winter elements. Located in Australia.
  Dogmom - Supplying food and supplements as well as toys, beds, leashes and treats. Details of local delivery ( Sacramento area ) and interstate shipping.
  Dogs Corner - Supplying products for training, grooming and health care, including beds, collars, crates, food, toys and treats.
  Dog's Health - Selling supplements, toys, books, treats, bedding, apparel and health and grooming products for dogs.
  Dogspecials - Selling bait bags and snoods for show dogs, with product descriptions, photographs and a recipe for baits.
  Dogstuff - Offers training aids, toys, food and books.
  Dog Supplies - A supply store and training tips.
  Dogtown Co. - Offering collars and elastic leashes, harnesses, and tug toys for performance dogs and apparel for their owners.
  DogWares - Sells clothing for owners and dogs, crates, leashes, and toys.
  DogZone - Offering help books, bowls, safety gates, and treat jars.
  Downtown Doggy - Designer apparel and jewelry, beds and furniture, natural grooming products, and gifts.
  Downtown Dog Pet Boutique - Provides collars, leashes, beds and blankets, clothes, treats, carriers, toys, home accessories.
  Draminski Ovulation Detector - A device for measuring changes in vaginal mucus during canine heat cycles. Includes FAQ and photographic explanation of use.
  Dressler's Dog Supplies - Offering a range of products including beds, toys, blankets, collars, food, grooming products, health items and specialised accessories.
  DSK Dog Products - Supplying leather products including collars, leads and harnesses, as well as nylon ropes, running mills and T-shirts. Illustrated catalog and descriptions.
  Earthdog - Hemp products for your pets, specializing in collars, leashes, beds and chew toys.
  Euro Imports - Supplier of wire basket dog muzzles.
  Exotic Dogs - Wide variety of supplies, including furniture, apparel, food and supplements. Includes breed information, directory of services, names, and articles.
  Fancy Paws - Offers doors, fences, remote trainers, bark control collars and bird cages.
  Fancy Pooch - Offers apparel, collars, carriers, and treats.
  Fi-Dough - Supplying treats, beds, apparel, gift baskets, toys and supplements.
  Flaca Wear - Features jewelry and boas as well as custom houses for small and medium breeds.
  For Dogs and Their People - Offering bowls, beds, carriers, collars and treats as well as themed merchandise such as clothing and games.
  Four Paws Grooming - Features designer harness and lead sets, pet carriers, and grooming products.
  Free Spirit Outfitters - Collars, leashes, boots, harnesses, life jackets, packs and skijoring and hunting equipment as well as books and tapes.
  Gear to Go, Inc. - Provides latigo and kangaroo leather products as well as agility equipment, toys and treats.
  Gifts for Pets - Offers a travel kit and gift basket.
  Give Me Paw - Offering treats, gift baskets, toys, clothing and health items, with product details and photographs.
  Golly Gear - Supplies for small dogs, including carriers, clothes, leashes and toys.
  Good Dog Ma - Aromatherapy for your dog including spritzers, soap and candles.
  Greyhound Muzzles - Australian supplier of kennel muzzles for Greyhounds.
  Groovy Dog Bakery - Retailing treats, grooming products, bowls, toys and themed merchandise.
  Handmade for Dogs - Supplying toys, leashes, harnesses, and carting supplies. Includes photographs and descriptions.
  Happy Paw Pet Products - Peak Condition supplement for the working dog. Traleigh grooming products and Norwegian Kelp.
  Happy Puppy Place - Offerings include collars, grooming products, and travel gear. Also sells companion toy that generates heartbeat and body warmth.
  Happy Tails - Wholesale and retail sales of spa and grooming products containing botanicals and herbal extracts.
  Healthy Dogs - Offering a range of products including books, videos, toys and treats.
  Holistic Dog - Supplying natural food, supplements and treats as well as feeders, carriers, collars, books and themed merchandise. Includes articles on the role of nutrition in disease.
  Hunter K9 Gear - Selling travel products such as car seats, safety harnesses and carriers. Also beds, crates, mats, and sports gear.
  I Love My Big Dog - Sells items for large breeds to include collars, food, bedding, health products, grooming, and toys.
  Island Tailwaggers - Supplying fabric water bowls and bag carriers for dogs to wear on walks.
  It's a Dog Shop - Australian based retailer of items to include beds, apparel, grooming aids, and training gear.
  Itty-Bitty Dog Store - Offers supplies for small dogs and toy breeds. Offers customer testimonials.
  Jake and Elwoods House of Chews - Offers food, clothing, collars, bowls, bedding and giftware.
  Jakes Dog House - Offers licensed sports and nascar collars, leads, id tags, treats, toys, and holiday gifts.
  Jan's Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts - Selection of greyhound and working dog gifts and accessories, from collars and leads to apparel and bedding.
  J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies - Offers a large selection of items such as crates, collars, toys and sweaters.
  Judge's Choice Dog Products - Dog beds, bowls, leads, whistles and training equipment. Dog food direct for puppies, working, show and pets.
  Just Dogs - A large selection of bowls, collars and grooming supplies. Also dog treats for DogETreats members.
  Just Dogs Records - Offering three CDs of music for dogs.
  Just Magick - Supplying a herbal canine breath freshener, with ingredients list and testimonials.
  K-9 Designs and Posh Paw Creations - Supplying collars, apparel, beds, leashes, muzzles, toys, jewellery, safety gear and gifts for owners. Contains photograph gallery and policy on donating to non-profit Greyhound groups.
  K9joy - Books and videos about behavior, training and nutrition, as well as a newsletter, details of courses and seminars, and articles to download.
  K-9 Products - Offers kennel products specializing in disinfectants, odor control products, natural supplements, stainless steel bowls and buckets, e-collars, leads, books and hunting items.
  K9 Quencher - A sports drink mix for dogs, with a list of ingredients and some training tips.
  KC Design - Supplying leather products including collars, leashes, harnesses, toys, gifts and scent bags.
  Kennel Komforts - Offers beds, crate pads, leads, carriers, jackets, britches and bands, toys, and products for handlers.
  Knine Kountry - Suppliers of Rollover dog food, treats and chews, supplements, natural health products, toys and furniture.
  Kool Dog - Offers an absorbent neckband to retain water and provide evaporative cooling. Includes photographs and sizes available.
  Labhead - Selling bowls, beds and training aids as well as hunting accessories and themed merchandise.
  Lead Me On - Offering collars, leashes, toys, treats and an instructional video, as well as providing training classes in Utah.
  Le Chiennyc - Pet salon offering beds, apparel, carriers, perfumes, and accessories.
  Les Poochs - Offers brushes, shampoos, beds, videos, collars, apparel and treats for dogs.
  Lov Puppys - Sells show equipment and supplies for handlers and breeders.
  Lucy The Wonder Dog - Offers a range of services and products including toys, training information, health items and treats. Features a streaming radio program and classified advertisements.
  Mac Industries - Pet care and novelty products for dogs and owners.
  Mac's Best Friends Merchandise - Toys, grooming, cleaning, and travel supplies, and products for disabled dogs.
  Mushu Canine Boutique - Offering collars, accessories, clothing and carriers for small breeds.
  My Doggy - Offers all-natural pet treats, brushes, shampoos, collars, and leashes.
  My Love For Dogs - Offers apparel, furniture, carriers, collars, bowls and other accessories.
  My-Shops - Selling leather collars and dog-themed T-shirts, with illustrations and specifications.
  My Sweet Pooky - Supplies beds, toys, carriers and clothing for small to medium dogs.
  Neopaws - Offers safety products such as shoes, collars, life vests, ramps, and seat belts. List of products, customer comments, and articles.
  Neo-Paws International - Offers a selection of shoes, jackets, life vests, seat belts, glow safety collars and leashes.
  Nothing But The Dog - Retailer of toys, gifts, grooming products and treats.
  OK Direct Pets - Suppluing toys, treats, grooming products and supplements.
  Oodles of Poodles - Carries products for all breeds. Includes grooming, apparel, toys, training aids, and treats.
  Parti Poodle - Offers apparel, collars, kennels, videos and grooming supplies.
  Paw-Gard - Transparent film applied to glass, wood or metal doors to protect them from being scratched by clawing.
  Paws and Tails - Supplying collars, dishes, treats, carriers, beds and apparel for dogs, as well as a range of gift items for owners.
  Pawsh Life - Carries boutique items to include fashions, totes, spa products, bedding, and toys. Has sizing information and store policies.
  Pawzypet - Featuring clothing, beds, leads, accessories, and carriers for smaller breeds.
  Penhaligon Pets - Selling collars, cages, apparel and hygiene products for Weimaraners and similar breeds. Also carries breed related jewelry, prints and cards. UK location.
  Perfect Puppy Toys - Selling items in rubber, vinyl and plastic, as well as treats and biscuits.
  Pet Essentials - Selling range of automobile transport accessories, bicycle seats, a variety of bedding styles. Also carries grooming products and medicines.
  Pethrow - Supplying blankets, toys and carriers made from recycled denim. Includes care instructions and illustrated catalog.
  Pet Network - Offers grooming equipment and show accessories. Located in Melbourne Australia.
  Pet Supply Factory - Selling beds, collars, treats, pig ears, rope and rawhide bones.
  Pet Tender - Retailer of beds, leashes and martingale collars, and waste pickup canisters.
  ´╗┐Pinnacle Pet Supply - Offering supplies for impregnation, birthing, and care of newborn puppies.
  Pooch Canada Pet Supplies - Offering dog apparel, sweaters, coats, boots, toys, life vests, collars and leashes, dental care, treats and chews, vitamins and supplements, and grooming supplies. Located in Canada.
  Posh Pups and The Cats Meow - Supplier of coordinating coats, collars, leashes, totes and accessories.
  P.S. Affordable Pet Products - A selection of toys, snacks, grooming supplies, show leads, collars, harnesses and obedience training equipment.
  Pup Life - Supplying a range of items including bowls, supplements, cleaning products, treats, toys, collars and leashes. Includes care tips and a free newsletter.
  Puppy Kisses - Featuring a variety of hand-made apparel and accessories. Including bows, sweaters, coats, beds, bowls, leashes and collars.
  PurePaws.net - Offers puppy accessories and supplies including clothing, treats, beddings, leashes and show products.
  Pyraphernalia Big Dog Basics - Catalog of giant dog products.
  Rocket Dog of Vermont - Sells handmade convertible leashes including a 2-dog coupler, and a toy made from tennis balls and rope.
  Ruff Rider - Supplying restraint harnesses for use in vehicles, training and hiking, as well as seat protectors, water bottles and bowls, toys and first aid kits.
  R.V.B. Creations - Dog toys, beds and mats.
  Ryans Pet Supplies - Offers dog care products, grooming supplies, toys and treats.
  Saint Specialties Brandy Kegs - Traditional brandy kegs for Saint Bernards of oak, cherry and walnut handmade in Vermont.
  Schafer Kennel - Hats and coats, spike and Navajo nylon collars, leashes, and ID tags.
  Shadow Boxer - Supplying custom-made wooden frames for displaying award ribbons, rosettes, photographs, and certificates. Product history and specifications.
  Simply K9 - UK retailer of grooming and health products, toys, and training guides.
  SitStay - Offers books, apparel, food, toys, treats and health products.
  Smoochies - Offers a variety of designer pet clothes, carriers, custom jewelry, collars and furniture.
  Spoiled Sparky - Offering clothing, carriers, collars, toys, beds and treats, and product reviews.
  SpoilYourDogToo - Offers treats, wearables, toys, agility and training accessories, holiday items.
  Tail Teasers - Offerings include food, supplements, beds, bath products and pet loss gifts.
  The Awesome Dog - Selling beds, bowls, carriers, Treats, and sweaters.
  The Barkery - Offers bakery goods, artwork, leashes, collars, dishes and assorted supplies.
  The Barking Biscuit Company - Supplying biscuits, dog clothing and gift baskets. Includes gallery of submitted photographs.
  The Cape Cod Dog - Providing treats, toys, and leashes. Also human shirts and hats.
  The DogFiles - A CD-ROM with information about obedience, pet care, behavioural problems, medical advice and nutrition. Includes a 6 week training program.
  The Dog Inn - Sells bedding rolls and mats that allows liquid to pass through leaving the top dry. Also offers fold-flat cages as well as grooming products and tables.
  The Dog's Outfitter - Providing supplies including beds, toys, treats, grooming and training supplies.
  The Kelly's Malatese - Pet products and grooming supplies for Toy and small dog breeds. Catalog includes shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, apparel, cages, carriers (hard/soft), food and health care items, ribbon bows (bands), grooming tools and accessories.
  The Pets Pizzazz - Products offered include designer pet apparel, accessories, gift baskets, artwork, shampoos and conditioners.
  The Ritzy Rover Pet Boutique - Sells bedding, clothings, grooming products, carriers, and jewelry.
  The Total Canine - Selling toys, leads and other equipment, as well as offering telephone advice and instruction.
  Tiny Dog Shop - Offering small sizes in apparel, collars, leashes, harnesses, cages and carriers, as well as toys and treats.
  Today's Dog.com - Basic dog needs including toys, treats, and collars.
  Training Lines - Offering a full range of accessories, toys, bowls, beds and equipment.
  Trendy Puppy - Offers both fashionable and traditional items, including jewelry, designer beds, holiday collars, and clothing.
  Trenigens Dog Products - Australian distributor of leads, collars, bedding and foldable crates.
  T-Top Dog and Sport Supplies - Providing collars, couplers, muzzles, buckets and bowls, with training books and other aids.
  Two Dog Press - Providing books, gifts, toys and treats, as well as stories, recipes and competitions.
  Uncle Matty's Store - Videos, books, training kits, leashes and apparel. Monterey Park, Ca.
  Uptown Poochies - Selling fancy clothes and accessories, furniture, carriers and toys.
  Wagon Wheel - Offers printed pedigree certificates, T-shirts with breed designs and a range of general merchandise.
  Whiskers and Wags - Providing baked treats, bandanas, gift baskets and toys. Includes testimonials and a photograph gallery.
  White Pine Outfitters - Innovative dog collars and accessories, training and grooming equipment.
  Who Is Your Pal - Product offerings include beds, leads, collars, and agility equipment.
  Wisconsin Pet Products - Sells beds, flushable bags, and pet passports.
  Woof Brothers - Features a wide variety of sensibly priced bedding, clothing, bowls, collars, toys, and grooming aids.
  Working K9 Services - Supplying collars, leads, books, videos, toys, food, supplements and clothing. Includes FAQ and photograph gallery.
  Yaps Pet Bakery - Selling bisquits, apparel, cleaning and grooming products, bowls and totes.
  Zeus and Hera Doggy Soap - Featuring handmade soap with natural ingredients.

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