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Sites About: Chats and Forums
  About.com Cats Forum - Ask questions, share your knowledge with others, discuss the glories and the agonies of being "owned" by a cat, and meet other cat aficianados.
  A Cat Crazy Fanatic - E-group devoted to a passion for cats. Unmoderated with open membership.
  Acme House of Cats - A place to share feline topics including questions, rescue, health, help, stories and pictures.
  Allexperts Cat Care Q&A - Volunteer feline experts answer questions about cat care, and maintenance.
  Ask An Expert - Experts with pet care experience participate and answer questions from cat owners. Experts are rated based on answers given and pet owners can apply to become experts.
  AusGroup2 - A discussion forum for breeders and fanciers of Australian Siamese, Oriental, Balinese, Javanese, and Foreign White cats.
  CatBanter - Web interface to the cat and feline related newsgroups. Covers information, anecdotes, behavior and health issues.
  Cat Chat - Message boards covering health, behavioral, and other aspects of cat care.
  Cat-Clicker - Unmoderated e-mail discussion group for clicker training for cats.
  Cat-E-Corner.com - A virtual community for cat lovers. Submissions of favorite photos, jokes, and cartoons are welcome.
  Cat Forum - Discussions on feline health and behavior; and cats in general.
  CatHobbyist - An independent online community of cat hobbyists, businesses, keepers, breeders, and organizations.
  CatKB - Share cat related knowledge and experience, ask questions, get advice on feline health and behavior, or search the forum database for information.
  Catkingdom UK Forum - Topics include general feline interest, breeder, and show topics. Based in the UK.
  Cat-World Cat Chat - Forums on nutrition, cat shows, purebreds, and general cat interest.
  Familiars Fanciers Lists - E-mail list for people who love their feline familiars.
  Feline Advice - General interest board for cat owners to share experiences and get assistance with their feline needs.
  Feline Angels - Topics range from general cat chate to feline behaviour, health and hazards, new cat advice, breeds and diet and nutrition.
  JustFelinesHmm - Mailing group for members, that covers general health issues, breeding and showing. Includes list of kittens available and information on different breeds.
  Kitty Caretakers Unite - Message boards, live chat, photos, links for feline health and spay/neuter resources.
  Kitty Haven - Diverse selection of topics with interest in special needs cats and kittens, primarily those who have tested positive for FeLV and/or FIV.
  PIF Tails - Online cat community which aims to support and advise cat owners, discuss declawing and alternative solutions to scratching problems, and general cat issues. Guest posting is welcome. Includes image gallery and articles.
  Pure Cat Talk - Fora on a wide variety of feline topics including health, rescue and breeds.
  PurrBalls.com Feline Forums - General interest cat chat.
  Purr Pals - Offers a BBS for submitters to exchange stories and photos, offer and receive advice about medical, behavioral, and litter box issues.
  Showcat - From a UK site, topics include show announcements and results, breeds, health, and news.
  The Cat Arena - A community for cat lovers to meet and share common interests. Discussions include a variety of topics, feline-related and not.
  The Cat House - Variety of cat topics plus links to forums for other pets.
  The Cat's Palace - General discussions on feline health and care. Includes cat of the week, top site list and eCards.
  The Pets Forums: Cats Forum - Information and discussion from cat care and behavior; rescue, stray and feral issues; cat show topics and breeder information; to scheduled chats and grief support from friendly experienced cat people. Free downloads available.
  Tiggers Tales Forums - Contains general cat interest forums and photo posting areas.
  UK Kittens - Group of breeders of pedigree kittens in the UK and for those seeking kittens to enrich their lives.
  Understanding Cat Behaviour - A forum for the discussion of cat behaviour issues and problems.
  Yahoo Groups: CinnamonFawnFanciers - Forum for breeders and owners of cinnamon and fawn colored cats.
  Yahoo Groups: Novice Breeders Advice - Assistance for novice breeders. Post messages, photos, links and chat. Unmoderated forum and Yahoo profile required to join.
  Yahoo Groups: Siaojaba - Devoted to the Siamese and its close relatives the Oriental, Colorpoint Shorthair, Javanese, and Balinese. Open membership, restricted archives.

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