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  Amazing Prehistoric Cats - One of the great cover ups of our time, these scary animals are dinosaurs living in a modern world. Learn why your cat''s tail twitches and the dire consequences. Contains links to prehistoric dogs and prehistoric mice.
  Bad Kitty - Part of the bad pets sites, this section deals with cat humor, including the Cat Movie List, Rules for "Roller Poopies," The Mysterious Sumkitty, as well as quizzes, pictures, and other insights into the feline world.
  Bill Hall's Cat Tales - 32 short stories about cats, written by a journalist.
  Brindle and Spartacus' Postcard From Europe - Two cats take a vacation. Includes a diary and images from their travels.
  Cat Bathing as a Martial Art - If you''re thinking of giving your cat a bath, read this first.
  Cat Boxing! - Blow by blow, swap by swap and growl after growl! Round after round of feline fighting! In no way are the animals presented injured or maimed. The bouts are only a record of a day in the life of co-habitating felines.
  Cat Fanciers Cat Haiku - A collection of verse dedicated to the cats'' ways.
  Cat Howls - Humorous cat poems, jokes, stories, manuals, lists, and observations.
  Cats in Sinks - Upload your own cat in a sink (or basin) picture or just view those already here.
  Cats in Space - A club for cats and their humans who love science and science fiction. Each month a new mission is posted. Membership is required to access some areas.
  Cats Rules of Life - A premise that cats are trying to take over the world.
  Cat Stuff Library - Stories, jokes, links, and cat humor galore.
  Cat Users Manual - User installation and maintenance documentation for CAT (completely autonomous tester) V7.0.
  Coby's World - If your cat has access to your PC, block this site.
  Crazy Cat Ladies Society and Gentlemen's Auxiliary - A site which uses humor to counter stereotypes about people who love cats.
  Design a Winner - Fun at the GCCF Supreme Show - the feline equivalent of Crufts.
  Fat Cat Dance - Animated .gif page full of happy, dancing, fat cats.
  Feline Follies: Musings From a Feline Perspective - Includes feature articles, advice column, health and fitness, message forums, and journals from the feline staff and human helpers.
  Flippy's Cat Page - Stories and jokes, list of names, list of dos and don''ts, and coined terms for feline behaviors.
  Freddie Street Cats - Several funny stories and some interesting images.
  Furry Logic - Cats, humour, life and how it sometimes all falls apart. Plus, get your cat on the web in our International gallery
  Gorbeh Persian Cat - Cat humor, jokes, and funnies, including quotations, translations, how to tell if your cat owns you, and cat rules.
  GrandChat.com - One cat''s thoughts and musings on life and humans.
  Hiss of Death - Litterbox, the animated all cat rock band, performs live in concert.
  Katpuke.com - Entertainment and information about cats throwing-up.
  KittyWeb.com - Jokes, stories, photos.
  Live Nude Cats - A couple of felines pose for viewers'' pleasure in a number of candid poses. Includes biographies and a message board.
  Mad Cats - The latest antics and pictures of Ethel, Minnie and Tink.
  Mean Kitty - A place for the not-so-sweet kitties on the internet.
  Meowzers - A family-run site with photos that meow and cat jokes.
  Miss Kitty's Cat Humor Page - A look at the lighter side of being owned by a cat! Includes cartoons and comics, jokes and humor, music and poetry, top ten lists, trivia, quizzes and other information.
  Misty - Cartoon strip about a cat and all her friends, as they survive college life. Contains forum, archives, guest comic strips and fan art, and storefront for merchandise. Recommended for mature readers only.
  Nikki's Niche - Cat adventures in his own words, including pictures; invites viewers to take his "Feline Profile Quiz."
  Odd-Cats - Photographs of cats caught in odd moments, and some suggestions of just what they might be thinking.
  Off the Mark Cat Cartoons - Collection of cartoons dealing the joy and challenge of belonging to a cat.
  Pawsanclaws - Visit Harvey and his family. Contains photos, some of his favorite cat humor, guestbook, and an agony kitty column.
  Purr Scouts Mewsletter - The official Purr Scouts of Claw Mewsletter.
  Pussy Pics - Cat pictures in humorous "porn" style.
  Sound Effects for Your Cat - Better than catnip ''cause it''s reusable!
  The Cat Pages - Photographs, etiquette for cats.
  The Daily Mews - Life in a multi-cat household. Humorous stories, expert advice, history, and subscription to e-mail update.
  The Mapping of a Cat's Brain - Learn what part of a cat''s brain controls which function.
  The World's First Sled Cat - Follows Socky the cat on his adventures as a sled kitty. Complete with photos and details of this experiment. No animals were harmed during this process.
  Tootie the Fax Cat - Poem about Tootie, a cat that retrieves faxes. Includes pictures and a link to Tootie sightings.
  Two Lumps - An ongoing comic about the adventures of Ebenezer and Snootch, two Russian Blues. Updates M-W-F. Forum, archives, FAQs.
  United Cats - A practical and amusing guide to domestic felines, with an emphasis on animal rescue. Site includes humor, facts, news, history, care, stories, spirituality, pictures, and resources.
  Welcome to My Webpage - Peanut and Spanky took over a computer and wrote about their feline world.
  What a Good Cat! - True little stories about everyday life with 3 Good Cats, and illustrated with our own cartoons.
  YogaKitty - Watch streaming videos and learn how cats and their human partners can attain a state of higher consciousness using Yoga.
  Your Cat's Guide to Your Computer - An essay on computers from a cat''s perspective.

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