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Sites About: Resources
  A Cat Experience.com - Articles on health and caregiving and additional cat issues, forums, photographs, names, glossary of terms.
  A Cat Lover's Paradise - Includes clipart, poems, facts, links.
  Answer Bag: Cats - Answers to a variety of questions about how to feed, train and care for cats.
  B&J's Cat World - Information about cats both big and small, wild and domestic, and the story of Madame Theophile.
  Cat Basket - English and German versions. Clipart, greeting cards, art, web design.
  Cat Club - Offers e-cards, screensavers, games, poetry, facts, and basic care information.
  Catcraze.com - Cat breeder listings, breed information, photos, games, contests, store, a message board, and a chatroom.
  Cat Crazy - Contains information about breeds, behaviors, shows, and registries.
  Cat Focused - Topics include choosing a cat, behavior and health.
  Cat of the Day - Features a new story and photo daily on what makes our special friends wonderful.
  Cats in Charge - a Feline View of the UK Cat Scene - An amusing and informative view of cats from the feline point of view. Articles, stories, competitions, listings of UK cat clubs and cat breeders.
  CatsInfo - Breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition, bringing your new kitten home and cat forum.
  Catsmad - Articles, humor, animated graphics, images, screen savers and sound bites for moggies by moggies.
  Cats'n'Kittens - Humor, free graphics, postcards, general feline information.
  CatStation - Articles on feline health and care, message board, links to breed descriptions and to feline related merchandise.
  Cat Toys from Trash by Tyler the Cat - How to recycle trash into toys. Also, cat toy ideas contributed by readers.
  Cat-World.com - Australian site featuring articles on cat care, choosing a breeder, cats and babies. Also contains several forums, breeder listing, postcards, and many links.
  Crafty Cat - Cat behavior reference library, book and animal behaviourists listings, graphics, discussion forum, and special features.
  Crazy About Cats - Message boards; feline art, poetry, and stories; recommended media from this online group of enthusiasts.
  Domestic Cats - Offers information on the history and nature of domestic cats.
  Extraordinary Cats - Discover stories of cats performing amazing acts of courage, stamina, resourcefulness and loyalty. Produced by Nature.
  Felidae World - Information on cat care and health issues, shows, adoptions.
  FelineOnline - General information articles, breed and type overviews, advice, and feature articles.
  For The Cat Lover - Articles with suggestions to stop cats from spraying, handling fleas and health and safety tips.
  Furbabies Forever - Information on care and safety, humor, names, grooming, recipes and a breeder directory.
  I Love Cats.com - Free webspace, graphics, fun and games, software, namefinder, breed profile, and health care articles.
  Kitten Rescue - A series of articles on caregiving for very young abandoned or orphaned kittens.
  Meow! - Extensive information about cats for both the cat lover and the merely curious. Site is in both English and Russian.
  My Healthy Cat - Information on general cat health and care; on various supplies, toys and furniture; and on new cats.
  One More River - An eclectic collection of feline photos, highlighting those of Harry Whittier Frees. Also included are links to humane organizations and Biblical references to God''s care for all animals.
  Pampered Cats - Information on feline behavior and their environment, health concerns, declawing, poisons and hazards.
  Paws A While - Providing breed information, facts, recipes and stories.
  Paws On-Line - Behaviorial, caregiving and anatomical information; facts, fallacies and stories; photos.
  Pet Peoples Place: Cats - Features a library with articles on health and care, forums, recipes, games, breed overviews.
  Pet Website - Cats - Information about buying and caring for a cat, breed information, links to cat-related vendors.
  Planet-Pets.com - Information on cat care, health issues, housing, feeding, breeders'' listings, professional cat advisor, articles, and books.
  Pouncerstone Cat Care And Cat Stories - Provides information, reference sources and recommended books on general cat care, feline kidney disease and cat stories for pleasure reading. Includes stories of three cats named Pouncer, Taffy and Lucky.
  Pretty Kitty - Information on all cat breeds, health topics, names, facts, jokes and poems.
  Princeofcats.com - Fun cat oriented activities, links, backgrounds, psychic cat readings, and shopping links.
  PurrBalls.com - Information on the feline care and well-being, cat-related issues, and ideas on how to entertain your cat. Meet the site mascots Pashu and Tisha.
  PussCats.Com - Information including breeds, diet, names and cat welfare with related links.
  "Cats," A Celebration of Cats... Wild and Domestic - Includes a discussion of the origin of the cat going back to prehistoric times, profiles and trivia of selected cat breeds, and provocative cat facts, cat tales, and photos.
  Sheila Walkers Guide To Kittens - Provides information on the care and development of kittens.
  Shelter Pets Ink - Contains cat rescue information, articles on cat diseases, recommended list of books, and list of animal resource links.
  So You Have Lost Your Cat - Aid and advice for locating a missing cat. Includes advice on preventing cats from going missing, stories and cat quotes.
  Special Cat - Information on diseases and treatment, names, history, and wallpaper.
  TheCatSite.com - Information about cats, their health, behavior, and nutrition. Also forums, news, polls and a cat shop.
  The Collectin' Cat - Cat pictures, stories, gardens with cats, collectibles with cat themes. Greeting cards, fractals, other critters, original scenic wallpaper, graphics with cat themes.
  The Feline Site - Feline information, humor, and poems.
  The Kitty-Korner - Search engine for cat related topics, cat furniture, articles on feline heath and care-giving.
  The Whole Kit, Cat & Caboodle of Cats & Kittens. - Helpful information for the new and purr''spective cat lover. Practical advice you can use when selecting and caring for your new kitten or cat.
  Tidy Cats - Information on litterbox training, dealing with problem behaviors, and avoiding diseases transmitted via litterboxes from the manufacturer of this litter.
  Totally Cats - Offering information on kittens, feeding, grooming, behavior, health and training. Also includes cat humor, events, online newsletter and e-cards.
  what about cats - Features graphics, animations, songs, movies, puzzles, health care, first aid information, estate planning, organizations, and a list of resources for coping with the loss of a beloved cat.

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