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Sites About: Training
  All Pro K-9 Training - A listing of professional trainers and schools throught the United States, searchable by state,
  American Dog Trainers Network - Articles cover many areas including problem-solving, dog psychology and choosing a trainer.
  Bark Busters Home Dog Training - Offers puppy education and conducts group lessons in basic obedience for adolescent and older dogs, as well as one-to-one training at individual homes. Includes franchise information.
  Basic Dog Training - Free online version of the manual that accompanies each electronic collar.
  Beginning Obedience Training - This non-forceful approach has general applications, although it is written about terriers.
  Behavior and Training - Free information about instinct, socializing, housetraining and problems such as digging, chewing, and jumping up.
  Canine Care Group - A holistic approach is taken to training, behavior and problem-solving.
  Canine Caretaker - Numerous behavior and training issues are explained, and advice is accompanied by illustrative photographs and drawings.
  Canines of America - A central resource covering many aspects of behaviour.
  Danmark9 - A former police handler offers information on behaviour, obedience and tracking.
  Dobbs Training Libraries - Free articles for handlers and trainers of hounds, working dogs, stock dogs, Schutzhund and gun dogs.
  Dog Behavior and Training Guide - Free articles and advice on a range of issues including problem solving.
  Dog Behaviour Advice - Free articles on many aspects of obedience and agility training, problem solving, socialisation and training equipment.
  Dog Owner's Guide - Topics include manners, behaviour, housetraining, aggresssion and specific training problems.
  Dogstuff - Clicker, flyball, agility, rally, and general principles are explained and illustrated with photographs.
  Dog Training Articles - A professional trainer provides articles on all types and applications.
  Dog Training Basics - Free articles covering issues such as puppy control, working with rescued dogs and teaching leadership and respect.
  Dog Training by Suzanne Clothier - Free articles cover topics including head halters, prong collars, scent games and rewards.
  Dog Training Guide - Advice and instructions cover house training, commands, leash work, behaviour and tricks.
  Dog Training Online TV Show - Archived episodes cover many aspects of behaviour and are free to watch.
  Dog Tricks, Tips & Insights - Advice on training, grooming, and flea control.
  Dr. P's Dog Training - A university-sponsored library of articles on behaviour, training and dog psychology.
  Family Dog Training Center: Articles - Free articles on a range of training and competition issues, written by an American Kennel Club judge and the president of a training club. PDF format for downloading.
  Food Training - Discussion of the arguments for and against this method. Suggests food types and commands to use.
  K911 Dog Training - Information covers all disciplines incluiding behaviour problems, clicker, police work and choosing a trainer.
  K9 Trainers - A worldwide directory of professional dog trainers and schools.
  Lake Effect Dog Training - Free tips and articles are provided by a professional trainer in the US.
  Mountain View Dog Training - Offering advice and explanations on a number of issues relating to behavior, agility, puppy-raising and competitions.
  North West K9 - An archive contains free articles on service and police work as well as behaviour.
  Obedience FAQs - Articles provide answers to common questions about behaviour and all forms of training.
  Obedience Training Class of Harrisburg - Providing classes in obedience and agility at all levels. Class schedules and descriptions, trial results, a state-wide trial and events calendar and an article on crate training. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  Online Dog Trainer Search - Owners in the US can enter their zip code to find a professional in their area.
  Pat Scott Dog Training - Free but copyrighted articles on a wide range of related topics.
  Pick of the Litter Dog Training - Offering private and group classes. Basic principles are explained, including choosing a trainer and solving common behavioral problems. Washington, USA.
  Practical Dog Training Tips - A professional trainer provides free advice, a newsletter and access to a forum.
  Puppy Training - Explains how basic obedience can be started within a few weeks of birth. Descriptions of each stage and advice for achieving success.
  Questions and Answers about Dog Training - This part of the Great Canadian Dog Encyclopedia invites submissions from amateurs and professionals alike.
  Raising your Dog - The Monks of New Skete explain their approach.
  Tarheel Canine Training - Free articles cover drive, control, protection, and obedience.
  The Dog Tales - Advice is given on problem-solving and understanding behaviour.
  The Good Dog School - Providing classes in obedience and agility at all levels. Class schedules and descriptions, trial results, a state-wide trial and events calendar. Fort Worth, Texas.
  The Harmony Programme - This alternative to "dominance reduction programmes" is described in detail.
  Training Articles - Provided by the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria. Downloadable pages about obedience exercises, tracking, puppy training, retrieving and search and rescue.
  Training Articles - Although gathered from the Sheltie list, these apply to all breeds.
  Training the Multi-Purpose Dog - Suggestions for successfully combining activities such as conformation, tracking and obedience.
  Tulsa Dog Training Club - Providing classes at all levels. Class details, events calendar, member photographs, a newsletter to download, and information on therapy dogs. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  Unleashed Newsletter - Free on-line articles, as well as past issues, are provided by a US training service.
  Von Attenav Dog Training - A series of free articles is provided by a professional trainer.

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