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Fish and Aquaria (Current Category)

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Sites About: Fish and Aquaria
  Age of Aquariums - Contains articles, descriptions of aquarium setups, species profiles, and a large photo gallery.
  AquaLink - Articles, bulletin boards, a trading board, and a diagnosis system for common diseases.
  Aquaria Hobbyist - Fora on many aquarium-related topics, archived forum threads, and user contributed articles and species profiles.
  Aquarium Advice - Forums dedicated to a variety of topics.
  Aquarium Fish Magazine - Magazine with articles about a variety of aquarium topics.
  Aquarium Information Source - Contains a collection of articles, species profiles, and pictures. Also offers a newsletter.
  Aquarticles - Database of articles about aquarium management, fish keeping, breeding, aquatic plants, saltwater aquariums, koi, ponds, goldfish, cold water fish, fish humour and aquarium club affairs.
  Aquatics Unlimited - Articles and tips covering general and beginner issues, aquarium equipment, fish compatibility, maintenance including pests and parasites, saltwater, ponds, water chemistry, fish health, plants and a miscellaneous section.
  AquaWeb Fish Resources - News, photos, forums and a large link list.
  Breeding Tropical Fish - Information on the keeping and breeding of tropical and coldwater freshwater and marine fish including sections on basic icthyology, water chemistry, fish health, species profiles, a message board, and MSN group signup.
  Creating a Tropical Aquarium - This is a guide to creating a Tropical Aquarium, and includes advice on maintenance and disease, as well as a lot of pictures of different fish species.
  eFishTank - An online aquarium maintenance program to help aquarists monitor their aquariums. Graph water parameters, enter livestock and equipment info, receive email reminders.
  Everything About Fish - Offers a brief history and the basics of icthyology, solid advice for beginners, a listing of families, genera or species suitable for the home aquarium, and an article about large-scale aquaculture.
  FINS - Fish Information Service - Articles, photo galleries, links, FAQ, and species index for freshwater and reef aquaria.
  Fish Geeks - Offers a database with over 1,800 tropical and marine fish and plants, over 5,000 fish photos, chat room, and family friendly forums.
  Fish Link Central - Links directory to sites about fish.
  Fish, Tanks and Ponds - Covers tropical, coldwater, freshwater and marine fish and inverts. Contains a forum, photo album, chat room, and various articles aimed at hobbyists with any level of experience.
  Information and Advice About Fish - How to care for fish and aquariums, with setup, care, and handling instructions.
  LittleFishTank.com - Contains bulletin boards and chat organized by topic, a few articles on keeping various fish and invertebrate species, FAQs, and product reviews.
  MEL: Fish and Marine Life - Information on breeding, pet fish, care and feeding.
  Myfishtank.net - Product reviews, species profiles, and a bulletin board.
  Pandora's Aquarium - Information on freshwater and marine aquaria. Includes Basics, disease, plants, fish and invertebrate profiles, links and FAQ.
  Pet Fish Talk - Radio talk show covering all aspects of fishkeeping, includes archives of previous show topics. [Requires Windows Media Player].
  Star dot Aquaria FAQ - FAQ assembled by posters on rec, alt, and net.aquaria.
  The Bailey Fish - Beginner''s guide including information on care as well as pictures and descriptions of the owner''s tanks.
  The Fishie Zoo - A collection of articles, species profiles, and forums with information to help you care for many different species of fish. Also contains articles about general aquarium setup and upkeep.
  Wet Web Media - Articles on aquarium and pond set-up and maintenance, fish and invertebrate care, breeding, natural history, and taxonomy, photos, and information on starting an aquarium-related business.

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