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Sites About: Chats and Forums
  Addicted2Fish Forums - An Australian based free online community for hobbyists.
  Allexperts Fish Q&A - Volunteers answer questions about caring for freshwater and saltwater fish and operating an aquarium via FAQs and a library of previously asked questions.
  AquaChat - A general chat that lists scheduled and unscheduled chat times for various topics to choose from.
  Aquaforums - Specializes in discus, cichlids and catfish. Also offers monthly prizes and raffles.
  AquaHobbyist Web - This site is for hobbyists to share comments and talk about the hobby.
  Aqua Pets UK - Forum for all aquarists, gallery, aquatic calculator, and links.
  AquaRealms.Com - Contains discussion boards covering planted tanks, marine aquaria, cichlids, discus, bettas, luohan, arowanas and general topics.
  Aquarist Paradise - Community including a forum, species information, articles, aquascaping advice, and links.
  Aquarium Advice - Forums for freshwater and saltwater aquariums and aquatic ponds.
  AquariumHobbyist - A listing of a multitude of discussion forums offered, including topics on freshwater and saltwater fish, individual species, ponds, plants, and aquatic creatures such as turtles and hermit crabs.
  AquariumPros.ca - Canadian Source For Reef Aquarium Keeping - Canadian reefing online community where you can discuss and chat with hobbyists of all levels from beginner to advanced.
  Aquatic Hobby - A forum for discussing, sharing, teaching and advising both the average and experienced fish keeper about ethical fish keeping.
  Aquatic Hobbyist - Covers all aspects of tropical, freshwater and marine fish care aimed at everyone from novices to experts.
  Aquatic Quotient Forum - Contains discussion boards covering general fishkeeping, planted tanks, marine aquaria, cichlids, FAQ and health. Includes a chat room and photo galleries.
  Aquatic Zone - A discussion board covering cichlids, aggressive, and general aquaria, with a miscellaneous and photo section.
  A.S.A.P. Aquarium Message Board - Discussion of general aquarist topics. Freshwater, saltwater, tropical and general fish questions are asked, answered, and discussed.
  CarolinaCichlids.com - Specializing in advice on keeping cichlids and oscars, but also offers advice on freshwater fish and saltwater fish.
  CJ Exotics Fish Forums - Discussion of cichlids, discus, piranhas, and reptiles. Also has contests.
  Fish Advice Forum - Resource for information and advice on freshwater and saltwater fish and aquariums.
  Fish Forums - Discussion of topics covering freshwater, saltwater and reef, do it yourself, ponds, and has sections for buying and selling as well as clubs.
  FishGeeks Forums - Offers family-friendly forums on all facets of aquarium keeping from freshwater to marine reef systems. This board is moderated to keep it friendly and informative.
  Fish Index - Variety of message boards to choose from relating to both salt and freshwater aquaria. Also offers a chat area.
  Fish Junkies - Fish website focusing on diseases and medication, fish care, and betta care and spawning. Also supports a community discussion forum, chat, and a petition for betta rights.
  FishKeepers Forum - Variety of discussion boards and articles including designs for DIY filters.
  FishkeepingBanter.com - A forum covering ponds, and freshwater and marine fishkeeping.
  FishLore Tropical Fish Information and Care - Informational website featuring a forum for freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists, especially beginners to the fishkeeping hobby.
  Fish Owners Forums and Websites - Comprehensive aquatic directory of fish-specific links, and forums for fish owners covering discussions and information on fresh and saltwater, reef aquariums, fish, plants, and equipment.
  Fish Profiles - Discussion regarding freshwater, saltwater, and general topics for many species of fish and aquaria-related topics.
  Freshwater Forums - A resource of information and ideas to assist with species-specific and general questions. Expert tips, photo album, chat, and polls.
  Hard Rock Forums - Forum-based website for freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts including photo gallery and contests, chat room, and profiles.
  Indian Aquarium Hobbyist - A portal which caters to aquarium hobbyists based in India.
  My Fish Box - Community and resource center for aquaria hobbyists.
  Perth Cichlid Forums Australia - Forum dedicated to cichlids in a West Australian environment.
  Piranha Attack - Information on piranhas including species, foods, breeding, diseases and injuires, and also hosts a forum.
  Richfrogs' Tropical Fish Forum - Discussion of all aspects of the hobby.
  The Cichlid Forums - Discussion community for cichlid enthusiasts.
  The Fish and Puffer Forum - A forum for fish and puffers.
  The Fish Board - An active discussion forum with contests, profiles, and a forum shop where members can get rewarded for their participation.
  The Fish Forum - Includes discussion boards on freshwater, saltwater, sick fish, plants, ponds, general care, brackish water fish, picture gallery, classifieds, and chat room.
  The Fish Room - A forum for the discussion of all aspects of fishkeeping, be that tropical, marine or coldwater. Cichlids, catfish, tank busters, everything is welcome.
  The Fishtank Crew - Offers several bulletin boards including beginner assistance, young fishkeepers, product discussion, and specialist boards.
  The Winnipeg Fish Forum - An aquaria-related hobbiest site based out of Winnipeg, Canada with forums, chat, and auctions.
  Total Fish Keeping - Forum for fishkeepers.
  Tropical Aquatic Life - Web-based bulletin board including discussion on freshwater and saltwater fish.
  Tropical Fish Forums - A forum to discuss help topics, general aquarium chat, and fish illnesses.
  Tropical Fish Tank Forum - A forum about tropical and coldwater fish with a general chat section.
  Winnipeg and Surrounding Area Fish Forum - A forum for aquaria hobbiests in Winnipeg, Canada and the surrounding provinces and states.
  World Of Cichlids - A forum dedicated to the proper care of cichlids, both African and American, and other species of fish and aquaria.

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