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Sites About: Personal Pages
  3 Reef - Includes forums, product reviews and articles on equipment and livestock.
  Adam and Julie's Personal website - Adam and Julie''s personal website including a photo gallery of marine aquarium. The photo gallery shows a step by step installation of a marine aquarium.
  Albury Wodonga Reef Club - Includes member tank images and descriptions.
  Andy Hipkiss' SPS Reef Aquarium - Equipment, explanation of chemistry and images of a 100 gallon reef tank.
  Another 10g Micro-Reef - Detailed information including photos.
  Aquarium Room - Images and description of 240 gallon reef aquarium.
  Barry's Coral Web Pages - Includes images and short video clips of personal reef tank.
  BerlinMethod.com - Photos of a 90 gallon tank set up using the Berlin Method.
  Brad's Reef Tank - Includes tank photos, advice for new hobbyists, and information about species in the tank.
  Chris Paris's reef aquarium - Pictures and information about a 15 gallon and 40 gallon reef tank.
  Coral Reefs - Includes reef keeping diary and images of fish and marine invertebrates.
  Cowfish and more - Learn about cowfish and their relatives.
  Digital Fish - Photos of one person''s fish and tank, as well as information on their tank setup.
  Doh's Reef Tank - Images and information on a 55 gallon saltwater reef tank. Includes bulletin board and live chat.
  Doug's Reef and Fish Page - Information and images of marine fish and invertebrates. Also includes maintenance information.
  Dream Marine - DIY projects including filters, protein skimmers and live/base rock.
  D's Saltwater Aquarium - Photos and information on 55 gallon reef tank.
  Einsweb.com A Marine Photography site - Photography of saltwater reef tank.
  Fish Fodder - Information an images of a 29 Gallon, 55 Gallon, 65 Gallon and 90 Gallon reef tank.
  Flame Angels Reef - Describe the construction and evolution of a large reef tank. Flash based site.
  Geos Reef - 90 Gallon reef pictures. DIY steel stand, calcium reactor and protein skimmer.
  Janet's Reef Aquarium - Reef aquarium, fish and coral information.
  Jayhawker's Reef Aquarium - Information of inhabitants, equipment, test kits and supplements for a 29 gallon reef aquarium
  Jay's Salt H20 Reef Tank - Site offers images of tank, fish and invertebrates and an equipment list.
  John O's Reef Page - Pictures and information of 20 gallon fish only tank.
  Jon Clarke's Reef Aquarium - Information about a 60 gallon reef aquarium. Includes pictures, a brief history and a list of inhabitants.
  Keith's Itty-Bitty Reef Site - Information on 12 gallon and 155 gallon saltwater reef aquariums. Includes equipment, maintenance, livestock, reading list and links.
  Mako's Reef Paradise - 50 Gallon Reef Tank. Includes images, history of tank and equipment list.
  Marine Aquarium Pics - Information on marine aquariums, upkeep, and their inhabitants.
  Marine Life - Library of saltwater fish and coral.
  Marine Page - Pictures and information of 55 gallon reef tank.
  Matt Chamberlain's Mini Reef Tank - Illustration and photos of reef tank and fish only tank.
  Mike's Reef - 55 gallon reef aquarium, with corals, fish and inverts. Includes photos, outline of tank set up, and maintenance.
  My 75 Gallon Coral Reef Tank - Web log of a 75 gallon coral reef tank. Includes set up information, equipment, corals, and care information.
  My Eclipse Reef Tank - Photos and information of a 29 gallon reef tank.
  My marine aquarium - Photos include mushroom anemones spawning.
  My Marine Reef tank - Progress of a marine tank that was set up in April 2004 by Stephen Earley. Pictures, video, and links to other marine fish keeping information.
  My Reefaquarium - Includes description, technical data and tests.
  Nano Reef - Dedicated to reef tanks 20 gallons or smaller.
  Nathan's Mini Reef Aquarium Page - Includes articles on shrimp, gobies, live sand, and live rock.
  Planet Reef - Information and pictures of 90 gallon reef tank.
  Poorman's Salt Water Aquarium - Includes information on do-it-yourself salt water aquarium projects.
  Randy Stewart's Tank - 20 Gallon mushroom coral reef.
  Reef Aquariums - Information about the set up and maintenance of a 90 gallon reef aquarium.
  Reeftankroy.com - Roy Nance''s 75 gallon tank. Includes photos of the tank, fish and coral.
  Reef Tips - Includes reef articles and images.
  Ron's Reef - A reef aquarium guide to lighting, corals and marine life. Includes photos, information, links, an extensive FAQ, DIY and starter tips.
  Scottie's Saltwater Aquarium - 20 gallon saltwater tank information and images.
  Scott's 450 Gallon Reef - Building process of a 450 gallon reef tank.
  Simons Marine Aquarium - the setup - Two 55 gallon tanks tied together using a DIY filter, stands, and lights.
  Slim's Saltwater Site - Pictures of saltwater setup and tank log.
  Snailman's Reef - Information and images of a 200 Gallon reef tank. Includes several Do-it-Yourself projects.
  Stroh's 20 Gallon Reef - Includes diary, images and links.
  The Digital Reef - Photos of 120 gallon reef tank
  The Reef Cube - Description and pictures of a 75 gallon reef tank.
  The Seahorse Keeper - Provides information on keeping a seahorse in a small tank including tankmates and food information.
  Timms Reef page - 125 gal reef aquarium set up including photos.
  Tim's Reef Page - Includes images and videos of coral and saltwater fish.
  Todds Little Reef - Provides detailed information on keeping a small reef tank and many photographs of different corals and inverts.
  Tony's Marine Aquarium - Set up information and pictures of an Aussie Melbourne 5ft marine fish and invert aquarium. Includes construction information of all hardware used.
  Tyler Merrick - Information about saltwater aquariums. Includes images and equipment specifications.
  Virginia Fish Freek - Pictures of 20 gallon and 45 gallon reef tanks.

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