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Sites About: Personal Pages
  Aaron's Herp Page - Caresheets about lizards, amphibians and snakes. Pictures of crocodiles and alligators available. Featuring herp link.
  Aino's Skink Page - Information on caring for a Schneider''s skink.
  All about Leopard Geckos - Care sheet, tank set up, pictures and links.
  Berber Skink - Care sheet and pictures.
  Brian Bush's Homepage - Personal herpetological opinions - mostly about snakes.
  Chris' Snake Page - Information about vipers and boids.
  Cindy and Jack's Coffee Shop! - Information about leopard geckos.
  Cold-Blooded Herp Page - List of Kansas reptiles, various caresheets and links.
  Colleen's Reptiles - Pictures of pet crested gecko, panther chameleon, corn snake, eastern box turtle, red-footed tortoises, and greek tortoise.
  Copperhead Junkie - Information, pictures and links.
  Criptic's Page On Herps - Information about reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas and enclosures. Provides a forum, a chat room and a calendar of different reptiles shows.
  Danne's Animals - Huge pictures gallery.
  Don't do that you'll get herps - Care sheets and pictures of lizards, snakes, invertebrates and dogs.
  Elliott the Bearded Dragon - Pictures, care, books and links.
  Fang - Information about lizards, snakes and turtles. Each topics contains a general care sheet, pictures and links.
  Frank and Kate's Web Page - Information on long term breeding of reptiles and amphibians in captivity.
  Greg's Reptile Site - Featuring a personal collection of pythons, boas and colubrids. Includes information of herp trips in the field.
  Herper.com - Natural history and husbandry of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.
  Ians Vivarium - Caresheets for the chinese water dragon, golden and marbled geckos, corn snake, and collared lizard. Also has a photo gallery and links.
  Jason's Snakes - Information and pictures about snakes. Provides a gallery and links.
  Joel' Ball Python Page - Care sheets, morphs, cage design and links.
  Jounipaakkinen - Information about Japanese fire-bellied newt.
  Kurt Kuene's Small Animals - Contains tips on terrariums, feeding and hibernation. Also includes information on raising ants. Available in English and German.
  Laurie's Reptile Lover's Site - Dedicated to educating new and experienced reptile lovers about the care and maintenance of these pets.
  Mike's Reptile Room - General care, pictures, links and cage setting.
  Mormel ltd. - Habitat information, pictures, anatomy, diseases and feedings. Mostly about snakes.
  Morpheus' Realm - Snake pictures and reptile links as well as information about this website''s owner.
  Mr. Bigglesworths Page - Links to care sheets about veiled chameleon. Pictures of the animal and its habitat.
  My Ball Python - Information and pictures of a royal ball python.
  My Side of Ruffner Mountain - Care sheet, pictures and a Grand tour.
  My Texas Whiptale Page - Species details, care sheets and a link to schneider skinks information.
  Pecks Reptiles - Provides news and facts on all aspects of herp care.
  Reptiles As Pets - Information on caring for iguanas, anoles and corn snakes.
  Sal's Reptile Review - Pictures and information about snakes, turtles and lizards.
  Saskia's Herp Pics Page - Pictures and links of various reptiles and amphibians.
  Schneider's Skink - Features care sheet, behavior, housing, feeding, health, pictures, and resources.
  Shelly's Place - This page is dedicated to Shelly, a three-toed box turtle.
  The Reptisaver's Page - Care sheets, pictures and links.
  The Snake Planet - Cares sheets, pictures, articles and links.
  The Turtle Shell - Care sheet, links, gallery and housing tips.
  Tim's Snake Den - Pictures and information.
  Turtle Care Sheets - Bryan provides turtle care information, habitat setup, tips, pictures, and links.
  Water Dragons - Contains a lot of pictures of water dragons, a tokay & leopard geckos.
  Yoshi's Care Page - Basic care sheets.
  Zogbu's Mini-Zoo - Information on captive care of the veiled chameleon, green tree frog, green anole, flying gecko and Chinese fire-bellied toad.

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