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Turtles and Tortoises (Current Category)

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Sites About: Turtles and Tortoises
  3 Reeves turtles In a Condo - Pictures and stories of reeves turtles indoors in Sapporo,Japan.
  AllTurtles - A comprehensive resource on the care of pet turtles. Also has information on wild turtle species, including sea turtles.
  Austin's Turtle Page - Turtle site covering general information and care, medical, housing, and also has a forum, photo gallery, and links.
  Basil the Red Foot Tortoise - Basil''s home on the Internet. Nutrition, feeding, housing and photos of Geochelone carbonaria with links to turtle and tortoise related web sites.
  Bill's Eastern Box Turtles - See the differences between male and female eastern box turtles. Box turtle photos. NJ eastern box turtle laws. See a box turtle pen plan.
  Box Turtle Care and Conservation - Natural history and captive care of North American box turtles (Terrapene).
  Box Turtles - Contains a turtle''s biography, many turtle links and pictures.
  Chelonians - Practical Care & Breeding Of Turtles and Tortoises In Captivity.
  Cheloniauk.com - Describes the modern requirements for successful care of tortoises and turtles in the UK. Offers care sheets and resources.
  Diamondback Terrapins - Husbandry and ecology of this wonderful turtle.
  Diamondback Terrapin World - Photographs, care information, and tank setups. C.B. hatchling throughout the year.
  Draybar's Turtle Page - Learn about his aquatic and box turtle (both indoor and outdoor)habitats, care and feeding.
  Dr. David T. Kirkpatrick - Molecular geneticist and turtle-fancier''s site containing photos and articles on turtle natural history and captive care.
  EmysHome - All about the European pond turtle, Emys orbicularis.
  Felice's World of Turtles - General husbandry and neonatal requirements of box turtles, water turtles, desert tortoises, redfoots and African leopard tortoises.
  FelixCam - Live Turtle Webcam - A live turtle webcam set upon Felix the turtle.
  Happy Turtle Site - Online Pet Turtle Information Site - Everything you want to know about aquatic turtles, with special interest in Red-Eared Slider. Advice and information about caring, feeding, habitat, filtration, and lighting, and also has a forum for questions.
  Hurricanes and Aquatic Turtles, copyright Susan L. Marsh - Details how to prepare aquatic turtles for a hurricane and aftercare.
  Janice's Turtle Ponds - Information on backyard ponds, water and box turtles, links to turtle and tortoise information. Information about The Northeastern Illinois Turtle and Tortoise Rescue and Rehabilitation programs.
  Mertle's Homepage - Personal page with pictures and information about Mertle the turtle and friends, with web ring links.
  Mike's Redfoot Tortoise Pages - Notes on caring for a pair of Redfoot Tortoises.
  Morris the turtle - A photo gallery of Morris the snapping turtle''s home.
  My Hermann Tortoises - Designed to help with the general health of your tortoise; offers a forum to ask questions and care sheets.
  Pets Hub: Tortoises - Tortoises forums, chat, directory, search engine and tortoise lovers community.
  Pet Turtle India - Information for keepers and those considering owning a pet turtle. Includes estimated expenditure, habitat design, equipment, feeding, medical aid, behavior and diary. Provides Indian equipment, food and medicine equivalents and sources to meet red-eared slider turtles'' needs.
  Picasso's Pond - A great site for information on turtle care!
  "Beavis" Our Classroom Pet - Information on Painted Turtles, about one that was kept as a classroom pet, and ideas for a classroom project based on a pet turtle.
  Red Ear Slider Oasis - Photos, history, articles, caresheets, games, forum, and product information. Made by Austin, an owner of a red-eared slider.
  Reslider's Swamp - Trachemys scripta elegans captive care, reproductive, and housing requirements. Also a section on how to raise food for your Slider.
  Robyn's Pond Turtle Page - Information collected on habitat setup for pond turtles.
  Russian Tortoise - Provides information about Russian toirtoises (Testudo horsfieldi) and how to care for them. Includes a care sheet, breeding tips, and a forum for tortoise owners.
  Shell Shock - Dedicated to help inform current and future turtle owners on what to expect from owning these wonderful Chelonians.
  Slider Home - All about red-eared sliders with information on housing and feeding.
  Slowcoach - A site which is designed to educate and benefit both beginners and experienced tortoise keepers.
  Snapping Turtle Land - Information on keeping snapping turtles as pets in captive care. Includes pictures, descriptions, cautions, and supplies needed, as well as message board, and FAQs.
  Sulcata Station - Provides researched information on the proper care of Geochelone sulcata tortoises.
  The American Box Turtle - A website providing information on the captive care, breeding and conservation of North American Box Turtles (Genus Terrapene)
  The Ancient Ones - Offers pictures, a webcam, useful links and other chelonian information.
  There's a Turtle in the House - How to care for a box turtle indoors.
  The Sliders Marsh - Information about red eared sliders including care, breeding, feeding, housing and photos.
  The Turtle Portal - A portal dedicated to turtles, tortoises and terrapins and also turtlelovers. [English, Italian, French and Spanish]
  The Turtle Puddle - Information about turtles and their captive care, with sections on health issues and for kids.
  Turtle Links - A large selection of turtle related website links.
  Turtle Net - Helps new owners to properly care for their pet turtle/terrapin. Covers the basics, habitat, feeding, illness, and also includes a brief introduction to familiarize new visitors to the site.
  Turtles- Gimme Shell-ter - Information on aquatic, semi- terrestrial and land tortoises and turtles.
  Turtle Stories, Real and Imagined - Kid-friendly site with fictional stories, pictures and factual information about turtles.
  Turtle Team of the Eichendorffschule - Presents information on various species of turtles and offers information on their husbandry. Also provides an introduction to the turtle that they keep at their school.
  Turtle Times - Pet turtle site with photos, chat, marketplace, and links.
  TurtleTracker.com - Tracking everything turtle and tortoise related. Bulletin board that also offers caresheets, photo galleries, and links.
  Turtsville - Provides information and pictures on turtles with helpful tips on how to care for them.
  Valerie Haecky's Turtle Information Pages - Various information on captive husbandry, breeding, diet and supplementation. Includes a care sheet on ducks.
  Wendal The Redfoot Tortoise - Information regarding the Redfoot tortoise (Geochelone carbonaria) including husbandry, diet, health, sexing/breeding, hatchling care, as well as links.

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