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Bird Meal Recipes

 A Fruity Taste - this is soooooooo good
 Amanda`s HomeMade Bird Food - An Easy HomeMade Meal Just For Your bird.
 Ambrosia - A fruit salad for your bird.
 Apple Any-Flavor Bread - This versatile bread is great for most types of pet birds. The recipe here will make a nice pair of apple-carrot-zucchini flavored loaves, but the recipe is intended for you to make it in any flavor.
 "A Slice Of Heaven" delight - Your bird will go NUTS over this meal
 Bagel Bites - This is a quick and easy, no bake recipe that your bird is sure to love!
 Big Bird Salad - For anyone with a large bird
 Bird Hotdog - Wild birds love these-good for squirrels too
 Birdie Bread - Here’s a type of bread you can make for your pet bird! The bread turns out a bit firmer, and ‘heavier’ than human bread, but your bird is sure to love it.
 Birdie Breakfast Cereal - This oatmeal is flavored with rich peanut butter and contains real fruit for a nice dose of vitamins and antioxidants.
 Birdie French Toast - This classic is now available in a pet friendly version.
 Bird Sandwhich - Make it in a variety of flavors! Anything your bird likes!
 Bread/Meat Loaf for Birds - This unusual loaf recipe is a mixture of many ingredients, meat, vegetables, flour, peanut butter, even baby food.
 Chicken Food - Very delicious and haelthy
 Cockatiel Party Mix - A party mix for your bird.
 Corn Bread Squares - Birds love cornbread, and it’s an excellent, nutritious snack for most varieties of birds. This recipe has been altered slightly to help it suit the special needs of bird’s even better.
 Cornmeal Birdie Bread - Cornbread that with additional ingredients for your bird.
 Crunchy Cakes - A fun recipe for a delightful crunchy baked treat.
 Ducky Treats - A simple treat for ducks and other birds).
 Easy Egg Scramble - This recipe is similar to scrambled eggs, but includes plenty of vegetables and other healthy additions.
 Fruit Salad for birds - All fruit very fruity.
 Fruity Ice - A fruity ice cube for your bird.
 Grapenut Crunch - A cornmeal and Grapenuts meal or snack.
 Green Eggs & Ham - This fun recipe contains a bit of spirulina – a type of algae that is exceptionally rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins, as well as being one of the few no-animal sources of vitamin B-12
 Jello Surprise - This fun and versatile dish can be made with your (or your pet’s) choice of jello flavor. You can also add any fruit mixture, plus your pet’s own food, for a treat that’s truly unique and personalized.
 Munchie Seed Bagel - A quick recipe for your bird.
 No-Bake Sweet Potato Balls - They’re an excellent staple to have, when you need a quick treat just defrost a few of these balls.
 Pancake Delight - This is a perfect recipe for in the moring when your bird wakes up to a healthy start in the morning.
 Papaya Brittle - This sweet papaya-flavored treat cooks up like hard candy in the oven.
 Parrot Tater Melt -
 Polly’s Popcorn Pizzas - ere’s a fun snack you don’t need any skill to prepare. Make your bird a pizza using any sort or puffed popcorn cakes.
 Polly-Wanna-Pizza - Here’s a pizza you can make for your pet! There is no tomato sauce used, but the pizza does contain plenty of nutritious vegetables and real cheese.
 Pretty Bird Pumpkin Muffins - These bright orange muffins are sweetened with raisins, applesauce, cinnamon and just a bit of sugar. They are rich in vitamins, calcium, and fiber.
 Seed Berry Mix - A heathy treat or meal for bird(s).
 Seed Cookies - Cookies for your bird.
 Seedy Mix - A good occasional meal.
 Shishkabob For Birds - A tasty treat for your birds.
 Soft Food Stew - This is a nutritious mixture of foods suitable for most medium sized and large birds from babies to adults.
 Stink-Bomb Bars - These bars have a rather unpleasant odor while cooking, although most birds go crazy for them.
 Summer "Suet" - A treat for your bird.
 Sweet Potato Cakes - Sweet potato is an excellent food for most birds. It’s rich is vitamin A, and full of antioxidants and fiber.
 Wintertime Vegan "Suet" - Combination with peanut butter, vegetables, flour, and cornmeal.
 Yummy Birdie Bread - Made with sweet potato and bread.

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These pet food recipes are submitted by other Simply Pets members for everyone to enjoy. SimplyPets makes no assurances to the nutritional value or safety of the recipes. If you are unsure if you should use a recipe listed here we recommend checking with your veterinarian.

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