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Cornmeal Birdie Bread

Cornbread that with additional ingredients for your bird.
 Corn muffin mix
 1/2 COatmeal
 1Jar babyfood carrots or sweet potatoes
 1/2 CBeak Appetit
 1/2 CSlivered Almonds
 1/2 CPlain Cheerios
 1Jar babyfood applesauce
Either mix ingredients for favorite corn muffin mix or use a mix that has the least amount of sugar possible. I use Martha White. Add to the dry mix the rest of the ingredients.

Mix together and add babyfood applejuice as needed. I sometimes add 1/4 c. natural peanut butter, frozen corn, frozen brocolli, frozen peas. Pour into baking dish. The mixture will be thick. Bake in 400F oven 15-20 min. or until done. Sometimes I ice the bread like a cake with a mixture of cream cheese, non-fat plain yogurt and mashed bananas. Serve, keep one day extra in refrigerator to serve the next day and freeze in serving size pieces for later.

Note: If you leave out the Beak Appetit and handfeeding parrot formula you can even eat this with you birds. Of course the Beak Appetit and formula won't hurt you if you forget and eat some...:)

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