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Grapenut Crunch

A cornmeal and Grapenuts meal or snack.
 1 Pkg.Cornmeal mix (without sugar)
 1 CMilk
 2 TMelted butter or oil
 1/2 CCommercial Pellets
 1 CGrapenuts cereal
 2Jars carrot babyfood
 2Jars squash babyfood
1 pkg. cornmeal mix, no sugar kind. Mix into the mix 2 whole eggs with well washed shell, 1 c. milk and 2 tbls. melted butter or oil. Grind 1/2 pellets with 1 cup grapenuts and mix into the batter. Add 2 jars baby food carrots and 2 jars baby food squash. Place in greased pan. Set oven temperature at 400 and bake until done. Freeze in daily serving sizes.

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