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Jello Surprise

This fun and versatile dish can be made with your (or your pet’s) choice of jello flavor. You can also add any fruit mixture, plus your pet’s own food, for a treat that’s truly unique and personalized.
 1 BoxSugar-free Jello
 1/2 CChopped mixed fruits (canned or fresh)
 1/2 CCommercially prepared bird food pellets or seed mix
Jello has a tendency toward bacteria and can go bad very quickly, so remove any leftover from your bird after they have been sitting out for longer than an hour.

1. Prepare the jello according to the directions on the box, except use only about 3/4 the amount of water called for. You can estimate this.

2. Pour the jello into a mold or small bowl and place it into the refrigerator. Allow the jello to chill and set for about 1 hour.

3. When 1 hour is almost up, prepare the bird pellets or food by placing it into a blender container and blending until the pellets or food have been reduced to a coarse powder. Alternately, you can place the pellets or food in a plastic baggie, seal, and the use a rolling pin or other heavy utensil to crush the pellets or food into crumbs.

4. Also prepare the fruit by dicing it very finely, or by placing it through a food processor or in a blender. Blend or process until the fruit has been reduced to a chunky puree.

5. Add the crumbs and fruit to the jello carefully, and stir gently to disperse them throughout the jello.

6. Place the jello back into the refrigerator and allow it to set completely. Once the jello is set, you can serve it to your pet. It will be slightly firmer than regular jello. About 1 teaspoon is good for small birds such as canaries, budgies, finches, etc. The largest birds, such as Macaws and other parrots can eat up to about 1/2 cup at a time. Serve a portion appropriate to your pet. Do not leave the jello in the cage, or out in the air, longer than an hour. Keep any leftovers in the refrigerator until ready to use.

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