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No-Bake Sweet Potato Balls

They’re an excellent staple to have, when you need a quick treat just defrost a few of these balls.
 1Large sweet potato
 1/2 CRaisins
 1Mashed banana
 1 CMixed fresh or frozen mixed vegetables
 1 CDiced apples
 1 1/2 CInstant oatmeal, corn flakes, granola, or similar cereal
Aside from softening the sweet potato in the microwave, this recipe does not require you to do any cooking at all. It’s a relatively simple recipe you can make that will provide with a big batch of treats that freeze well. The fresh fruits and/or vegetables are especially nutritious for your bird, and the cereal give the balls a pleasant crunch.

1. Prepare the sweet potato by piecing it several times with a knife or food skewer. Then place the potato in the microwave and cook it on high power for about 5-9 minutes, or until the potato is tender. Half way through the cooking, turn the potato over. When it is finished cooking, set it aside on a plate or other surface and allow it to cool considerably.

2. Once the potato is cool enough to handle, add the remaining ingredients to the mixing bowl. Then use an electric mixer on a high speed to thoroughly beat all the ingredients together. Blend for several minutes, or until everything ahs been reduced to tiny chunks, and the mixture is consistent.

3. Check the consistency of the mixture. It shouldn’t be too thick; you should be able to mold it easily with your hands and have it hold its shape. Adjust the consistency by adding water as needed.

4. Line a small baking sheet or tray with waxed paper. Then begin to form some marble sized balls of the mixture by tearing off chunks and rolling them between your hands. Arrange each ball onto the prepared baking sheet. Then repeat with the remaining mixture until you run out of mixture can no longer make any more balls.

5. The balls are ready to be served immediately. Promptly place any leftover in the refrigerator until ready to use. Alternately, you can individually wrap each ball in waxed paper, foil, or plastic wrap, if space is an issue or you don’t have a baking sheet to use. Defrost the frozen balls before.

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