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Soft Food Stew

This is a nutritious mixture of foods suitable for most medium sized and large birds from babies to adults.
 1 CDry corn kernels (or use plain popcorn)
 1 CDried beans (any variety)
 1 CBrown rice
 1 COptional fruits (raisins, currants, shelled sunflower seeds, shelled pumpkin seeds, wheatberries, barley, whole oats, pasta, nuts)
 Cinnamon, cloves, ginger as needed (optional)
This mixture is very similar to the popular prepared ones, but is much less expensive. It can also be tailored to fir your pet’s individual taste preferences. It has a very soft texture, for easy feeding and digestion.

1. Prepare the corn or popcorn and the beans by soaking them the night before. Add the popcorn and the beans to any medium sized pan. Fill it with just enough tap water to fully cover the vegetables. Cover it with a lid, plate, or anything you have handy. This will prevent dirt and debris, and insects from falling or crawling into the pot.

2. The next morning, uncover the pot and place it over medium heat. Cook the water until it begins to boil softly. Allow the corn and beans to cook for several hours, while watching the pan carefully to avoid it bubbling over. Stir it every once it awhile to prevent burning or sticking. You will need to add water to the pot several times, as the corn and beans will absorb the water and will plump up considerably.

3. Cook the corn and beans until the corn has more than doubled in size, and the beans are fork tender.

4. As the corn cooks, in a separate saucepan, cook the brown rice according to the package directions. Also add any optional ingredients that you are using to cook along with the rice. Do not add the cinnamon, cloves, or ginger yet. Compensate by using a bit more water, as needed.

5. The rice should take approximately 1 half hour to an hour to cook. It should be plumped and tender when done cooking. Also check to see that your optional ingredients are soft, as they may take longer to cook. When everything is done cooking, drain it completely.

6. As the corn and beans finish cooking, drain them as well. Then in a large mixing bowl, or other container, mix all of the cooked ingredients. Stir them together with a large spoon or other utensil. Also add the cinnamon, cloves, and/or ginger if you want to include these spices. Blend completely. If desired, mash the ingredients into smaller pieces.

7. Divide the mixture into individual or daily sized portions, in seal-able plastic bags. Freeze until ready to use. To serve, let the mixture thaw, or place it in the microwave for faster thawing. When using the microwave, make sure the mixture is cool before serving to your pet. Do not let the food sit in your bird’s dish long enough to spoil; remove any leftovers promptly.

Suitable for: Medium-Sized, and Larger Birds

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