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Bird Treat Recipes

 A handy Pinecone Snack - Your bird will go nutts
 A Pinecone Snack - The traditional pine cone feeder
 Avian Lollipops - Birds just love to chew, lick, and nibble these sweet glazed treats, and they are sure to keep your pet entertained for hours.
 Bagel Delight - It tastes great and is easy.
 Beak Smackin' Peanut Butter and Honey Squares - My parakeets love it. For larger birds such as conures you may add some small fruit pieces. These treats DO NOT take the place of a daily meal and should only be served 3-4 times a week.
 Bird Cupcakes From A Blender - These tasty cupcakes contain sweet potato and fruit purees and call for you to use your pet’s own food, so you can be sure they will be nutritious.
 Birdie Bars - This sweet, sticky mixture makes the perfect snack bar for your pet bird.
 Biscotti for Birds - This tasty treat uses your pet’s own commercially prepared food to make an appetizing biscotti treat.
 Broccoli Pop - Bird seed spread on broccoli.
 Conure Delight - My conures love it, especially on those cold winter nights!
 Eganna -
 Frosted Peanut Butter Carrot Cake - This decadent cake is delicious and perfect for any special occasion.
 Fruity Mutie - Your birds will go bonkers over this
 Keet & Kiwi The Parakeet`s Fruity Slush - A Tasty Slush Your Parakeets Will Go Crazy Over.
 Kikis Little Boat of Paradise - A treat with carrots, peanut butter, and seeds.
 Molly`s and Murley`s favorite treat - A sweet treat for you parakeet.
 Peanut butter pine - A yummy pine-cone treat for your feathery friends!
 Seed Banana O's - A yummy treat for birds.
 Trail Mix Cookies for Birds - These thick, sticky, and chewy cookies are made from real fruit, nuts, peanut butter, and honey.
 Waffle Sticks - The recipe was originally designed as a way to use up leftover pancake batter.

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These pet food recipes are submitted by other Simply Pets members for everyone to enjoy. SimplyPets makes no assurances to the nutritional value or safety of the recipes. If you are unsure if you should use a recipe listed here we recommend checking with your veterinarian.

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