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A Meaty Meal

 1Can of tuna
 1Piece of Chicken (3x4 inch)
 2Pieces of turkey or ham lunch meat
Okay, first of all get a plate, and a bowl. Open the can of tuna, and squeeze the tuna juice into the bowl, after your finished with that. Scoop the tuna onto the plate so its mildy flattened, and spread it all over the plate. Then,take the piece of chicken, and cut it up into 5 pieces (should be in the shape of squares). Lay the squares of chicken down on the tuna. After this, take the turkey ham lunchmeat and stack the two pieces on top of each other, and cut it in half, but 2 halfs on one side of the plate, and the other 2 halfs on the other side of the plate. After this, get the tuna juice that is in the bowl and sprinkle it all over the plate. Finally, serve this meaty meal to your kitten or cat, and they shall enjoy! Good luck.

(Please dont give this to your cat more then once a week), they may get spoiled, and that will lead to (not eating anything else, not being as healthy because they also need a good source of hard cat food). Thanks!!

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