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Breakfast for your buddy

A tasty breakfast type meal to give you some breathing room in the mornings.
 1Hard boiled egg or 1 scrambled egg (scrambled without milk, oil, butter, or grease)
 1 TPowdered Milk
 1Small pinch garlic powder
 2Small drops of olive oil or chicken broth
 1/4Piece of toast (no butter)
Mince up the egg fine with a fork. Put in your pinch of garlic powder (may be omitted) and the powdered milk. Blend with fork. Break up the toast real small and crumbly and mix that in with the egg stuff. Add a couple drops of olive oil and if it seems too dry you can add a bit of water or chicken broth to achieve the right consistancy.

I give this to my Fuzzy love in the morning when he smells me cooking breakfast. This way he doesn't feel left out and its not something he gets all the time either. He loves it and it gives me a bit of peace and quiet whilst I cook for the family. He is a bit of a loudmouth and this sure keeps him quiet! :)

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