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Cat Jelly

Provides many essential nutrients for cats without causing stomach aches, cat eating dis orders ect, like some cat food brands do. It realy shines up a cat's coat if you use fish, especially of the Siamese breed, might not shine coats of Himalayan or Ragdoll.
 3 CChicken broth
 4 1/2 TFlour
 1/4 CCarrots diced into small cubes
 3/4 CMinced meat (cooked)
 Pieces of fish (Cooked) - optional
After the chicken broth has been made, allow it too cool for around 2 minutes. Add all the flour and mix.Some flour might not dissolve but this is absolutely no problem (It will when you heat the mixture later on). Heat broth and flour mixture on high heat until a thick creamy mixture is formed. Add all other ingredients IMMEDIATELY and pour all contents of this meal into the cat's container. Allow it to set into jelly like substaance with the carrrots,minced meat and fish suspended in it. Serve to the cat.

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