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Feline Feast for Pregnant Cats

Great for pregnant cats.
 1 CCornmeal or polenta (or about 4 cups cooked)
 2 TVegetable oil or butter
 2 lbsGround turkey or chicken (or other lean meats)
 4 THealthy Powder
 2 TBonemeal or 3,200 milligrams calcium or 1 3/4 teaspoons eggshell powder)
 10,000IU Vitamin A
 100-200IU Vitamin E
 1 tFresh vegatables with each meal (optional)
 500Milligrams taurine supplement (optional)
Corn is the grain of choice for many cats, so that's the grain I used in the main version of this recipe. Try polenta, which is more coarsely ground than the flourlike meal usually called cornmeal, for the best texture. It's commonly sold in natural food stores. Yummied up with extra yeast for even more flavor, this high-protein formula is a sure winner. It's excellent for pregnant or nursing cats and their growing kittens. Since this recipe contains a higher proportion of meat than the others, you can substitute many kinds of grains and meats, both low- and high-protein types, because there is still plenty of protein to spare. If you use lean meats, the dry weight percentage of protein ranges from a low of 41 percent (lean beef heart with rice or potatoes) to a high of 52 percent (turkey with oats). If you use fattier meats, the protein value ranges from a low of 30 percent (fatty beef heart with rice or potatoes) to a high of 40 percent (regular hamburger with oats). Alternate the use of poultry and red meats, or combine both in the same recipe to ensure plenty of iron and other nutrients that vary in different cuts.

Bring 4 cups (1 quart) of water to a boil. Add the cornmeal or polenta, stirring rapidly with a fork or whisk to keep it from getting lumpy. (It's easier to avoid lumping if you use polenta.) When it is thoroughly blended, cover and simmer on low 10 to 15 minutes. When the cornmeal or polenta is creamy, stir in the eggs and oil or butter. Mix in the remaining ingredients. Yield: About 8¾ cups, with 250 kilocalories per cup. Immediately freeze whatever cannot be eaten in 2 to 3 days. Daily ration (in cups): small -- ½ to ¾; medium -- ¾ to 1+; large -- 1¼ to 2. Meat substitutes: It's a good idea to use fattier grades of meat sometimes, but eliminate the oil or butter from the recipe when you do. You can use 2 pounds of beef heart with fat showing, regular hamburger, poultry with skin, or choice chuck roast. Grain substitutes: 2 cups raw rolled oats (+ 4 cups water = 4 cups cooked) or 10 slices whole-wheat bread or 4 cups cooked and mashed potatoes or 1 cup (dry) of any of the following: bulgur, millet, buckwheat, barley, brown rice, couscous, amaranth, spelt or quinoa.

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