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Feline Frenzy

Provide a yummy breakfast for your kitty to start the day off good. Your kitty will love the taste of this yummy, simple idea.
 1/2 CDry cat food
 1Can wet cat food
 2 tCat milk
1. Scoop the wet dinner in to Kitty's food dish and mush it up so it is in little pieces with Kitty's fork.

2. Pound dry cat food with potato masher on the ziplock bag. Sprinkle the pounded food onto the wet dinner.

3. Suck up the first bit of cat milk with an eye dropper and put it on the dry food and wet dinner and follow with the last bit of cat milk.

4. Put into the microwave for 5 seconds and serve to your kitty!

Don't foret to clean up after you and your kitty! Keep Kitty's untensils in a plastic zip lock bag with the rest of his/her stuff to make sure his/her's stuff isn't mixed with yours!

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