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Dog Meal Recipes

 A Healthy Breakfast - A yummy large breakfast meal
 Amanda`s HomeMade Dog Food - An easy-to-make meal. Made to help you save money, and to make your dog happy.
 Amber's breakfast recipe for dogs - A great recipe for your best friend on any given morning.
 A Simple Doggy Biscuts - For a happy but healthy dog or puppy.
 Barking Breakfast - A yummy breakfast for your pup.
 Beagle Buffet - imple dinner for any dog. It adds a nice sheen to the coat and makes for healthy eyes and heart.
 Birthday Cake - A cake for you dog
 Biscuits-n-Gravy - A nice addition to dry kibble.
 Breakfast Bowl - Great for breakfast or dinner.
 Breakfast Delight - A Bacon and Egg Delight sure to have all tails wagging
 Budget Recipe -
 Chicken and Vegetables - Dinner for a week
 Chicken Dinner - Bones and raw food diet. This is a raw, healthy, delicious chicken dinner for dogs.
 Cinnamon Apple Snaps - A fabulous fall treat!
 Collie Diet - Good for health & coat
 Deer and Rice - Rice and venison, ground veggies, (carrots, turnups, potatoes, green beans)
 Dog Chow - It is a great for an every day meal, or just once in a while!
 Doggie Burger - Feed once in a while, when you feel Rover needs a very special treat.
 Doggie Takeout Sandwich - A simple sandwich for your pooch.
 Doggy Stew - A healthy stew for doggys (that their owners can enjoy too).
 Duke & Echos' Daily Delight - This recipe feeds a 65 lb. pittbull & 16lb. dachsund for 4 days.
 Ellies Caldo Delicioso - A delicious Mexican chicken stew I regularly share with my owner.
 German Shepherd Casserole - A casserole with meat potatoes, and veggies.
 Lamb dinner - This is a delicious recipe your dog is sure to love; and it's healthy too :)
 Low Fat Dog Food - This dog food was given to me by my Veterinarian for my 7 lb 6 oz dog to lose weight.
 Low Fat Rice & Egg Pie - This is an easy, low fat pie that can be cut up into portions and frozen. Excellent for smaller dogs.
 Meghan's Dog Chow - A healthy food for your loving friend
 Riley's Real Food - Versatile meal for you pups.
 Very Yummy Meal - A healthy recipe that your dogs will really like!!!
 Yumbo - A health food for dogs
 Yummy lamb lunch - A tasty, healthy meal that any dog is sure to love!!

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These pet food recipes are submitted by other Simply Pets members for everyone to enjoy. SimplyPets makes no assurances to the nutritional value or safety of the recipes. If you are unsure if you should use a recipe listed here we recommend checking with your veterinarian.

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