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A Healthy Breakfast

A yummy large breakfast meal
 1/2 CSkim milk
 1Cooked chicken breast
 1 CLight cream
 1 CUncooked broccoli
 1/2 CUncooked parlsey
 1 CUncooked oatmeal
 Small portion cheese (optional)
This is for one large dog. Rearrange the measurments according to your dog's size and food needs.

1. Crack eggs and pour them into a container (keep shells for later). Pour the 1/2 cup of skim milk in with the eggs. Beat the eggs and milk together with a fork until the mixture foams.

2. Collect the cooked chicken breast (remove bones if it isn't boneless), the brocolli, the parsley, the oatmeal and the cream, and the egg shells and put them in the blender. Blend well.

3. Put the chicken mixture in a bowl and put in the microwave for 40 seconds.

4. While the chciken mixture is in the microwave, put the egg mixture in a frying pan. Fry and stir constantly until cooked.

5. Take the chicken mixture out of the microwave and stir. Put it back in for another 20-30 seconds.

6. Put the scrambled eggs in a bowl. Let the chicken mixture cool, and then pour it on top of the eggs. Cover with more fresh parsley and a very small portion of shredded cheese (cheddar is best) for flavour.

7. Serve to your pooch and watch him/her gobble it up!

NOTE: This recipe is not intended for the only meal of the day. It does not have all of the necessary requirements for a healthy dog. It needs to be supplemented with other meals at other times of the day. This meal should also not be given to an overweight dog, as it will not help in the losing of weight.

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