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Beagle Buffet

imple dinner for any dog. It adds a nice sheen to the coat and makes for healthy eyes and heart.
 1 CBrown rice
 Grated carrots (as much as you want)
 1 TParsley
 1/2 CPeas
 1Yam or sweet potato
Combine the rice, carrots, parsley, and peas in a rice cooker. Cook as one would normally cook plain rice; do not use salt.

As the rice is cooking, boil the sweet potato in water. When it is tender (if a knife goes through the yam without forcing, it is ready), remove from water, peel, and mash.

Mix the rice meal well with the yams. Serve warm.

* If you would like to add some meat to this meal, I recommend very lean ground beef or turkey - I prefer turkey, because dogs don't need very much red meat in their diet. Shape a 1/2 pound of meat into a pattie and grill. Do not fry. Add to the rice meal.

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