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Chicken and Vegetables

Dinner for a week
 1Whole chicken, cut up or 6 leg family pac
 1 lbFrozen mixed vegetables
 1 1/2 COatmeal or brown rice
Try to buy chicken when the store has reduced the price on its last day of sale. Boil chicken in water until meat is easy to separate from bone. If you use a pressure cooker you will even be able to mash a significant amount of the bone with your fingers. Remove chicken from water. Allow to cool. Separate meat, skin, cartiledge from bone. Check meat carefully for bones.

Put frozen vegetables in blender. Add broth from chicken. Blend. Cook oatmeal and/or rice in remaining water. (This could be done at the same time that you cook the chicken.) Add chicken, minus the bones, and the vegetables back to the main stock. Cook longer if the stock seems too watery or add some more oats. If it is too thick, add water.

Allow to cool before serving. Store in refridgerator. Should provide dinner for close for a 60 lb dog.

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