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Ellies Caldo Delicioso

A delicious Mexican chicken stew I regularly share with my owner.
 1Large yellow onion
 1Small head of cabbage
 3Large carrots
 4Cloves garlic
 1Red bell pepper
 1Medium yam
 4Sknnless chicken or turkey thighs
 3Small yellow potatos
 1large can of stewed tomatoes
 2-10Sprigs fo cilantro
 Cumin to taste
 2Small Rutabagas
For Ellie:
Dose of doggie Vitamins
extra doggie oils(ask your vet what the right supplement/oils for your pup are)
Bone meal
Dollup of plain yogurt
Handful of frozen peas to cool it down

For Owner:
Cilantro leave chiffonade
Baked corn chips
Dollup of plain yogurt
Cayenne pepper to taste
Handful of frozen peas to cool it down

In heavy stew pot (Ellie likes cast iron) saute chopped onions in a little olive oil, add the chicken thighs (they stay moister
than breasts) sprinkle over the cumin, once the chicken is browned, remove & deglaze the pan with juice from the stewed tomatoes.
Add all the remaining ingredients (they should be peeled if required & chopped to uniform dice), refill the stewed tomatoe can with water & empty into the stew 3 or 4 times. Let the Caldo stew for 15-20 minutes then add the chicken back in. Continue to stew covered, until all ingredient have reached desired softness. Ellie is 15 years old,so she likes her veggies a little softer than she used to.

***Remember when you serve this up to give the doggie 1 portion of chicken to 3 portions of veggies!***
Garnish with the appropiate garnishes listed above, for an extra treat an occasional corn chip sometimes end up in the doggie bowl, but not too often the sodium isn't all that great for them. This recipe actually lasts up to 10 days in the fridge, and my cats all love it too! (they get different garnishes & more chicken)

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