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Yummy lamb lunch

A tasty, healthy meal that any dog is sure to love!!
 2Beaten eggs (raw)
 1.5 cupsLamb (minced and cooked preferably, or any kind of leftover lamb roast or chops etc. and cut very small)
 1/4 cupPlain, unsweetened yogurt
 1Garlic clove (finely minced or put through a press)
 3 cupsCooked, white or brown rice
Combine all ingredients except yougurt, heat in microwave for 2 or 3 minutes, stir thouroughly and cool to edible temperature. If eggs are not cooked thouroughly enough, nuke it for another minute or so. (The stirring in the hot mixture is usually enough to cook them) Mix in yogurt and serve. Your pooch will love it; tested on a very picky dog who couldn't get enough!!

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