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Dog Treat Recipes

 Amanda M's Dog Ices - A yummy cold treat.
 Archie's Dog Biscuits - Homemade dog biscuits
 Ashley's Carob Dog Cookies - This is a dog bakery food idea. I have my own dog bakery.
 Barking Barley Brownies - Brownies for the pooch.
 Bowl O' Yum - A yummy Dessert Food for A special friend
 Bow Wow Brownies - Non-chocolate version of the people favorite.
 Cheese and Garlic Biscuits - Dogs who love cheese or treats wil fall head over paws for this recipe.
 Cold Paws - A lovley summer treat
 Comet & Alex's Dog Bicuits - A great recipe for your dog to munch on
 Doggy Delight - Its a dogs dream food and a bowl of love
 Doggy Diner - It will make your dog go nuts for more
 Dog Nog - A holiday treat for dogs and cats.
 Fido's Favourite Treat - These are one of the best dog biscuits.
 Frozens for Fluffy - A great and easy way to make your dog happy!
 Good Dog Treats - A once in a while treat that you give your dog when he/she is extremely good.
 Hal's Cheese Snacks - Yummy snacks.
 Jazzy's Milk-Bone Icing - Using dog toothpaste as icing on milk bones.
 Kadi's Doggy Cake - Great for special occassions.
 Peanut butter & Banana Biscuits -
 Peanut Butter & Banana Frosting - A frosting to use on other treats.
 Peanut Butter Bonez - It's bone-a-licious!
 Peanut Butter Madness - This recipe is very tasty. Your dogs will love it.
 Pupsicles - Healthy and great tasting treat for your dog
 Veggie Smoothie - Great for dogs to get healthy with.
 Zoe's Peanut Butter Passion Cookies - What a yummy cookie.

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These pet food recipes are submitted by other Simply Pets members for everyone to enjoy. SimplyPets makes no assurances to the nutritional value or safety of the recipes. If you are unsure if you should use a recipe listed here we recommend checking with your veterinarian.

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