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Fish Meal Recipes

 Amanda`s HomeMade Fish Food - An easy way of saving time and better tasting to your fish than store bought food.
 Apple Snail Food Recipe - This recipe has been designed for apple snails but will work for just about any freshwater snail.
 Blood Meal Surprise - A recipe for the carnivorous fish.
 Crawfish Meal Deluxe - Great for crawfish, but only Crawfish.
 Daily Staple Fish Food - A daily staple fish food.
 Fish Meal Surprise - A frozen fish meal with sardines, tuna, and herring.
 Homemade Fish Delight - A recipe for home made fish food, perfect for large cichlids, catfish, etc.
 Saltwater Mix - Healthy and cheap

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These pet food recipes are submitted by other Simply Pets members for everyone to enjoy. SimplyPets makes no assurances to the nutritional value or safety of the recipes. If you are unsure if you should use a recipe listed here we recommend checking with your veterinarian.

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