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Tiny Mammal Main Course (TMMC)

The TMMC is a meal for all kinds of rodents!
 2Pineapple sage leaves
 3Inches of celery stalk
 4Baby carrots
1. Wash out the pet's bowl.

2. Put in the pineapple sage leaves at the bottom.

3. Cut up the apple, and put enough of it on top to create a layer.

4. Cut up the celery stalk, and put it on top of the apple.

5. Cut up the baby carrots, and put them on top of the celery.

6. Smush up the blackberry in a plastic bag, then take it out and spoon it onto the top.

7. If you want, you can put 3 grains of kosher salt on top (I know some people think salt is bad, but why would they have salt licks?).

8. Serve!

**Note-you can change some of the amounts depending on the size of your pet.

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