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A yummy meal that will aid in keeping the teeth trim.
 1 cupflour
 1/2 oatmeal
 1 tspGarlic powder (Do not add if your pet has blood problems)
 1 tspbaking powder (can substitute with baking soda)
 1-2 cupsvarious vegetables
 2 eggs
 4vitamins (optional)
Crush vitamins. Mix with dry ingredients. Blend vegetables. Put one egg in the dry ingredients and mix. Crush the shell and add to the egg mixture. Take the other egg, and remove the white into a seperate bowl. Throw out the yolk and crush the shell. Add the shell to the egg mixture. Add blended vegetables to egg mixture. If the mixture is runny, keep adding flour until it is a stiff dough. Roll the dough into small balls, and put on a pan. Cover the balls in egg yolk. Bake at 450 'C for one hour. Take out and let the balls sit out all night.

These will be a hard tasty snack for your pet. This recipe has been used mainly on rats, but also dogs and hamsters. All love this recipe very much.

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