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Rodent Pizzas

You are the chef for this tasty recipe for your hamster, gerbil, rat or other pet rodent. Each rodent will love their pizza.
 1 halfEnglish Muffin
 1 small containerCherry, Strawberry, or any other fruit yogurt that's red
 4 small wedgesCooked Green Beans
 4 tiny wedgesStrawberries
 1 small handfulShredded Cheese
1. Take your english muffin half and put it in a toaster or toaster oven and toast it on any temperature except low or high. (You don't want to burn it, or not toast it enough)

2. Open the container of yogurt. Using a spoon, put a little "dallop" of yogurt onto the English muffin after it has been toasted. Spread on a thin layer.

3. Sprinkle on the cheese, evenly on the pizza

4. Place the green bean wedges and strawberry wedges on top.

5. Serve to your pet rodent and make sure it enjoys the pizza! :)

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