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Bunny Cookies

This is a great everyday treat for your bunny.
 1 cupYour bunny's fave fruits and veggies (Carrots, apple, lettuce...)
 1/4 of a cupYougart OR bannana
 Small AmountWater (Only if you are useing a bannana
Be sure that everything you use is bunny-friendly

1. Cut up all the fruits and vegetables and put them into a bowl.
2. Mix water and bannana until creamy. (skip this step if you are using yougart)
3. The yougart or bannana is going to be called the "Paste" from here on. Now take a bit of paste (the size you want your cookie to be) and put it on a plate.
4. Put the same amount of fruits and vegtables onto the paste. Repeat until you run out of indredients/you've made enough.
5. Put into the freezer for 30 min.
6. Serve. Don't overfeed.

My bunny (Black Magic) loves these cookies. I hope your bunny does too:)

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